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TED Talks Reading and Response homework for Monday, Nov. 17

Here is a link to the TED presentation we watched in class:

Here is a link to the list of TED talks so you can find one that you are interested in to watch/read this weekend.

Here's the prompt from your assignmetns for Monday:

Watch and actively listen to a Ted Talk presentation of your choice.  See links above.  In the Comments section, write a response:
First, summarize the main ideas and purpose in this talk so we know what it was about. 
Then analyze: how does the speaker use PowerPoint or other media?  What does this speaker do well to convince you?  What might have been better?  


  1. 1. The main purpose of the TED video that I watched was trying to get everyday people to focus on emotional correctness. The subject Sally really focused on and presented was how people need to stop focusing so much on political correctness and more about the emotional part.

    2. Right away the speaker grabbed that audience's attention by stating that she was a lesbian speaker on Fox. She used Fox News as her social media and also one thing I loved is that she wasn't afraid to let everyone know. Sally did very well convincing me to try and stop focusing on political correctness and focus more on emotional correctness. One thing I loved about Sally is she was really funny, and she did an awesome job about keeping the audience's attention. She was also very personal with the audience. One thing that could of been better is maybe going in to more detail about emotional correctness. Sally did use some very good examples but a few more examples would have made it better. She went into some detail about what people were saying to her in letters, but maybe if she would of had a letter for the audience to read it would have been better. If Sally did have a letter to read to everyone, the audience could have connected more to her.

  2. The TED video I watched focused on washing hands. Myriam mainly talked about how important washing hands can be as she explains that young children die from diseases before they turn five. Myriam used slides on a screen in order to show statistics of how many children die. Her most important prop for the lecture was a bar of soap stating that it is perhaps the most important way of washing hands to not get sick with diseases of any kind. She stated in the video that four out of five people in the world do not wash their hands after going to the restroom. The way that she described how washing hands is important and by talking about how some children have died convinced me to make sure that I take good care of my health. I remember years ago as a child I never actually washed my hands. Now I do because I want to be clean, but this video showed me what could've happened to me as a child if I didn't care too much about taking care of myself. It might have been better if Myriam showed more statistical charts on the screen during her talk and also talk about some other important health issues in common society and what the solutions are to dealing with them.

  3. 1. The TED Talk I decided to watch was about how scientist are trying to advance technology with MRI magnetic felids and FM radio transmission waves so that one day people will be able to scan their brain, capture their thoughts/images and have them immediately placed up on a screen.

    2. The speaker's video is pretty short but she used a comfortable about of media to get her point across. In her media she shows results of pictures of the brain and how they react to seeing a picture and how they react to thinking about the picture and how it's practically the same amount of brain reaction. She uses a slide to visually show how MRI magnets look now and how they need to look to perform this transmitted image process, and she shows a graph of FM radio signals in an MRI and how they need to lined up in a pattern form with magnets to create higher resolution or brain images. There has already been a lot of research and experimentation on this topic and it is possible, the resolution is just awful. By her going into depth and explain how lining the two forces up to create a almost spirograph affect. She also informs how by doing this amplification of FMRI it can lead to capturing dreams, hormones and help regulate or monitor blood flow better. It was very interesting and convincing, especially since they already had a lot of results on the topic. I would have loved if she went into a little more depth of how they exactly capture these images, I'm assuming her audience already had a basic understanding of this and so she talked more on the topic of the future, but the technology and chemistry behind all of this would have been helpful.

  4. 1) The TED talk that I watched was about changing the way people view and think about disabilities. Sue Austin talks about how her power-chair has given her more freedom than she has ever experienced.

    2) In the Ted talk Sue used quotes, pictures, and a video to help aid in conveying her message. In the beginning she talked about how it has been sixteen years that she has been in a wheelchair due to a prolonged illness. She said that the wheelchair was like a new toy. In a few of the pictures shown Sue is using her wheelchair to paint designs on the pavement or in the grass. She said that even though she felt free and was having a fun time in her wheelchair other people viewed her situation seeing that she was limited and restricted which she felt made them take pity on her. In 2005 she began scuba diving, this is when she begins her video. In the video Sue is wearing a dress and sunglasses as she is strapped to a wheelchair with two motors on the bottom. The audience sees her gliding through the corals and swimming alongside the fish in the ocean. She has a complete freedom to move around. I think that the video was the strongest visual that she used because the first time that I watched this video I sat awe struck looking at something that I have never seen and watching it seemed so peaceful. Once the video ended she said that "instead of focusing on loss and limitation we see and discover the power and joy of seeing the world through exciting new perspectives". She also said that "the wheelchair becomes a vehicle for transformation" for her. After watching this video I had a new perspective on people with disabilities and what they are able to do. I would have loved if she talked a little bit about how the illness affected her life especially when she first had to get used the wheelchair. But overall I felt as though her message got across very well.

  5. The ted talk I watched was about how gameification was going to eventually change our world. He described our generation as the G generation; where the major form of entertainment was video games. He said that video games helped people become smarter because they are a constant learning process. Video games also made learning fun for kids also. He said that our world is too slow paced for our kids and because of this games will start to be apart of every aspect of life. He said this was a good thing because applying the theory behind video games to everyday life will help increase the average intelligence. He asked the parents to accept the movement and game with their kids rather than trying to get rid of them.
    The speaker used the powerpoint to highlight his main points. For example he used the powerpoint to display the process of learning in order to compare it to a video game. Many of his uses of the power point were to allow for humor. At one point he was talking about psychos and he showed a picture of George W. Bush to try and make a joke. The humor and comparisons to real life definitely helped me to be able to relate to his presentation. He kept bringing up well known games and well known companies to help make the audience relate. The only thing I could suggest would be to refer to his main point more than just at the end. If he told the parents multiple times to play with their kids throughout the presentation the fact would have stood out more.

  6. 1.The ted I watched was about a robot that flies like a bird. The presenter described how they developed the robot and how it functions .
    2.The presenter used a power point to show how the developers coordinated the movement of the wings on the robot so it would fly like a real bird. It also showed all of the parts that went into building the robot. He used the power point to show how they regulate the energy during takeoff and while the robot is in flight. He has a stripped model of the robot with him to show the crowd how the motor works and how the gears make the wings flap like a real bird. The speaker did a very good job explaining the invention and how it functioned. It was pretty cool that he had a working model with him and had it fly around the room above everybody's head as well.

  7. 1. I watched the TED Talk about how a program researcher found a way to use a Wii remote as an infared tracking device so that you can interact with your projector screen like a Smart Board for only $50 as opposed to $2000. He wishes to make classroom technology more affordable and accessible for everyone.
    2. He demonstrates the wii remote's inferred camera in the tip and how it and the software combined with a normal projector screen and shows the audience how it can be used to interact with the computer as a teaching method. He speaks as an expert in the field and does a good job amazing the crowd with the technology. To me, he seemed to be weak at explaining exactly how everything interacted and how the average person can achieve this. I did not feel like I could use my wii remote to achieve this goal as he claimed I could. He needed to explain the set up method a little better.

  8. The main points of what I watched was showing people through photos what our car waste like tires and oil filters and oil related parts go. He explained that the world is running out of oil and should run out in 45 years. The speaker did a very good job using pictures and power point to get his point across. The speaker talks about things we can relate to like an oil change and seeing where those oil filters go. The speaker made the audience think about that we need to change our ways or were going to be out of oil and not have a backup. I felt he should have shown more picture to really drive home how much waste there is.

  9. 1.The main purpose of the video I watched was about how artists transformed neighborhoods in the slums by painting beautiful works of art on houses and streets. The paintings boosted moral within the citizens living in the areas they had painted. They turned something not so great, into something beautiful. Neighborhoods became a giant work of art.
    2.The first thing I noticed, that I thought aided their presentation greatly, was that their pictures helped tell the story. They would explain a person or place and then show a quick picture of them. They did not linger on the picture and they did not slow down their presentation in order to explain the picture. It was simply, a very effective use of visual aid. Also, the speakers knew when to talk and when not to. The timing between the two was perfect. One did not repeat what the other said and both speakers had equal speaking time. They did not give a history lesson, they just explained a small amount of history behind their project. Enough to give an idea of what their project started from, but not in a way that would make the audience loose interest. I did not see much of anything that I felt could be done better. The only complaint I had was that at some points they talked very fast so they were a little hard to understand. They were also foreign so that probably could not be helped.

  10. 1. The Ted Talk that I watched dealt with the idea that less is actually more.

    2. The speaker, Graham Hill, presents an idea that when it comes to material things and space, less is more. He does a very good job advertising his idea and his website which encourages others to try and lead a lifestyle somewhat similar to his. By cutting down living space, one can save 100's of thousands of dollars, in turn this means you will have smaller appliances which will save you money and also force you to have to use a little creativity and have a little more fun. By cutting back on your material needs, opens up more time to spend to themselves.

  11. 1. The main purpose of this video was taking a comedic look at the internet and "Owning the internet."
    2. The first thing that made me choose this TED talk was that the presenter by the name of Rives was known as a 2.0 poet. His talent is incredible and the TED talk seems to focus on a little bit of everything from Monster to friendster and But at the root of these comedic rhymes there is more of a moral such as keeping in touch with family and looking at yourself. Rives is trying to organize the internet and it makes you think about the world and how much we really do use the internet and stay connected to it as well. If you could control the internet how would you organize it? I think had Rives used a little bit of technology especially for this poem it could have sunk in some expressed thoughts a little more. Rives is good at what he does andas i said this poem was really good! He is extremely convincing and funny but serious when he needs to be.

  12. 1 The TED talk that I had listened to was a talk about the importance of hand washing and the dangers and consequences if the action is not carried out often. Some of the main points in the speech were what the current situation in the world is in regards to hand washing and soap use. Then she talked about the importance of hand washing and how it has been significant in civilization even historically.

    2. The speaker used very simple slide pictures with either a picture of people or places an slides that were to help illustrate some of her ideas. She does an excellent job at trying to connect with the audience through powerful pictures or words that relate to us all like children. Her messages are also very emotionally charged and not limited to simple facts, statistics, and numbers. The presentations does a great job stating the issue that many people do not wash their hands often which will lead to increase risk of germ transmission and risk of getting an infection.

  13. The TED video I watched was Goggles drivless car. They talk about how google has designed a car that can drive anywhere in California by itself. They drove over 144 thousand miles with the car for testing and mapping. They use tons of instruments and the top technology to accomplish this.

    The Speaker used almost all videos that show what they have done. He does a great job of making sense of each video and explain each part. This video was in 2011 so the quality wasnt what it could be now but it looked good for the time. The presentation perfectly explains what the point of it is and informs you in a fun and quick way.

  14. The TED video I watched was the one about how animals and humans should live and coincide with each other. He talked about how he had met with a tribal group in British Colombia, who believed that animals and humans are the same. He also talked about how humans need to do a better job in saving and preserving the wildlife.

    I thought that he used power point very well in his presentation by including a lot of images and talking about each image individually. The speaker did a very good job at talking clear and precise, which made him sound like he knew what he was talking about. I thought that it would be very hard to say what he couldve done better, because I didnt really see anything wrong with his presentation.

  15. The ted talk video i chose to watch was "why it is bad to think you're ugly". It talked about how teens are suffering every day because they think they are ugly. Teens would post videos on youtube and ask for comments about whether or not they are ugly. Thousands of people would post hateful comments about them even though there is nothing wrong. People that do not have confidence about their looks would have lower a lower gpa than people that were confident. Some teens wouldn't even go to school because they weren't confident enough.
    The speaker uses a power point and pictures to show us people that were affected. She would also put up examples of stuff that made teens think this way . for example the skinny models, thy gaps, pro anorexia people and so on. These showed us how bad things can get and that some serious changed need to happen

  16. The TED talk I chose to watch was called How Painting Can Transform Communities. To summarize this TED talk, two men from Holland traveled to Brazil in order to transform a community and paint it. They picked a community called Vila Cruzeiro to paint. I really enjoyed how they tried to incorporate everyone in the community by showing them designs and allowing them to have a say in what their community would look like. I also really enjoyed how they made a serious situation in the favelas not so heavy and put an element of humor in it. In the favelas, there's a war between the drug dealers and the cops. The people in the community have to stay together whe these things happens, and I really enjoyed how the two speakers said that you were part of the family once your barbecued.

    The images that stood out to me were how beautiful the paintings of their design ideas were and how when the volunteers all actually painted the community, the houses looked so much like the designs. I also loved the pictures of how the favelas looked before the paintings and how they looked after because you really saw the difference.

  17. The Ted Talks I watched was about how if you have a passion for something, nothing is impossible. If you put enough effort into something you love doing you will be able to accomplish anything. Everyone can be good at something you just have to try everything to figure it out.

    What I've learned from this Ted Talks is that even though some talents may seem useless at first. Combined with other forms of arts or activities can be turned into a performance worth paying for. The speaker of this presentation is a Japanese yo-yo world champion. He has won the competition twice, the first time for his skill, the second time for being able to combine his talent with forms of dance and music. He performs his tricks on stage while dancing to music, and it's energetic, unique, and praise worthy.

  18. The ted talk that i watched was about the genomic revolution and how fast it is moving and how it can benefit health care and everyday people. He showed really how fast it is growing and how cheap the processing genetic information is becoming.
    The speaker uses his power points and displays to effectively drive his point across. What I thought was really cool was he filled the screen with the standered pixel resolution for tvs. He said to understand the human genome and the number of bases and genes we have, it would be the same as the number of 3000 screens of these pixels added up. He also used how typewriters transformed into the fast processing powers computers we have today, and if we were to compare the genetic processors we would still be in the typewriter stage and the logistical growth that is occurring and has no foreseeable end, we are constantly deceasing the price per sequenced base.


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