Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Exploration 7 Jacob Keller

1. What I had noticed while reading this section was That with the manifestos and petitions I pointed out how these pieces did excellent jobs expressing and giving insight into what people thought and felt in these situations.  It had also showed the type of relationships that people had with each other and the people the manifesto or petition was intended for.

2. The piece that I chose to write about was the Tiger Woods piece.  Purpose of the Tiger woods piece was to help recognize that women should have the same opportunities that male golfers have to play in the sport.  I think it was effective since the owners of the country club recognized that Tiger has great influence in the field of golfing.  What was used as evidence in the piece was citing other famous golfers who had played there and talking about Tigers great influence to young golfers.  I believe that that strongest writing was at the part where they say " As the worlds most famous golfer, like it or not, you have unique power" because they understand and recognize that Tiger does in fact wield a lot of influence.


  1. I agree with your number 2, this piece was made to make the readers recognize that women golfers should have the same opportunities and resources that male golfers have. I also loved the quote that you used "As the worlds most famous golfer, like it or not, you have unique power." I thought that that quote summed up the piece very well and that that quote is very true.

  2. I also think that using somebody like Tiger Woods is a great idea to call attention an issue in the golf community. Asking somebody who is one of the most influential players in the game to recognize this issue could help give it more attention and progression.

  3. I pointed out the same thing for my exploration 7, I thought that petitions do an excellent job for expressing the persons views and thoughts on any subject matter. Also for the Tiger Woods petition it gets the point across that everyone should have the equal right to participate in any sporting no matter gender or ethnicity.


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