Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Brainstorming Homework, Presentations. From Mike Lohre

Homework: Brainstorm three good topics for the Presentation Projects. Create topics for at least two of the three categories (people, objects, events).

Make one of your three subjects an alternative or lesser known icon, possibely in a area of interest that you really love.

Post your three subjects in the Comments section here, and then explain which one you are most interested in doing for a Presentation, and why.

Really think about different areas or skill, interest, or study here, and then research to find out the iconic subjects in that topic area.




 HINT: When researching, use search terms like iconic, legendary, leading thinker, leader, pioneer, activist, impact or influence, groundbreaking, seminal, revered, admired, visionary, most respected, etc.

Why is an object like the Statue of Liberty so iconic? For many reasons, of course, but it would take study to truly understand.


  1. After brainstorming my ideas, I found that these three choices would be most interesting to me.

    1. The Sugar Hill Gang - Rap
    2. Arlington National Cemetery-Monuments
    3.William Kennedy Laurie (W.K.L.) Dickson- Film Direction

    I would really like to do The Sugar Hill Gang, who started rap because rap is my favorite type of music and I enjoy listening to it very much.

  2. After googling some of topics I find interesting, or would love to learn about, I decided upon two people and their amazing accomplishments and an era that changed fashion forever.

    1. Walt Disney and his groundbreaking motivation
    2. Audrey Hepburn and her contribution to UNICEF
    3. The revolutionary fashion of the 1920s

    I had a hard time deciding which one of these topics to do, but I'm really curious on why and how the drastic change of fashion occurred in the 1920s. And I love fashion so I'll have fun researching this topic.

  3. While searching the interweb I came to find this interesting place and 2 people.
    1. Cedar point in Sandusky Ohio
    2.Andre Young and his contribution to the music world.
    3. Jerry Heller band Manager
    I would like to Research Andre Young because I am most fascinated by him and his contributions. I've been surrounded by him since I first started listening to music. A lot of people know him but do not know what he's been through. I'll have a blast researching and sharing my findings!

  4. There are a few topics that I really find interesting. They are,

    1. John Browning gun smith
    2. Kelly Johnson- aircraft engineer
    3. Aryton Senna- race car driver

    I would like to research Kelly Johnson because I have heard that he is responsible for modern military aviation and all of the stealth and precision we see in the world today.

  5. After doing some brain storming and researching I came up with 3 ideas that seemed interesting.

    1. Model T/ Ford logo
    2. Route 66
    3. Swastika

    I had a hard time deciding what icons to do. I'm most interested in route 66 because I went out west and saw a lot of cool things on route 66.

  6. The topics I found interesting are:
    1) James Naismith - Inventor of basketball
    2) Bill Gates - Co-founder of Microsoft
    3) The assassination of Abraham Lincoln

    I would like to research James Naismith because he created one of the most popular and widely played sports. Basketball plays such a big role in our society, especially around this time of year.

  7. Topics that I would like to do:
    1) Misty Copeland- First black ballerina in 2 decades
    2) Andy Warhol- His art
    3)Fashion from the 1920's-Present day.

    I would love to research my number 1 and number 3 options. I honesty would love to do either one of them, it's very hard to decide which one I would love to do more.

  8. Topics I would like to do:
    1)Theodore Roosevelt- For what he did for the national parks
    2) Gifford Pinchot- help start and run U.S. Forest Service
    3) Jim Thorpe- Native american athlete

    Jim Thorpe is very interesting to me because he lived and played in LaRue Ohio where I was raised. He is like the home town hero and I think it would be interesting to learn all I can about him. I would like to do all 3 of these though.

  9. Three topics that I thought would be interesting are:
    1. Battle of Belleau Wood during World War One
    2. The film Citizen Kane
    3. Film director Steven Spielberg because of his epic films

    I think that the Battle of Belleau Wood would be the most interesting to present because it is a World War One battle fought by the United States and it has a legacy to it. It would also be interesting to talk about the U.S. in World War One mainly because the U.S. wasn't a main country fighting in that war.

  10. Three topic That Interested me were:
    1. Nikola Tesla- Inventor and electrical engineer
    2. The interstate highway act of 1956
    3. Eddie Rickenbacker- WW1 flying ace

    I think that I would do Nikola Tesla since he had many wonderful and powerful ideas that sadly were not well understood at the time. He was sort of forgotten in history and and we think of Eddison instead but Tesla had many great ideas some of which we benefit from today like AC.

  11. The three topics that I have in mind are:
    1. History of special effects in movies and films
    2. Una-Bomber
    3. vidcon - a worldwide convention held in so-cal for people that make online videos

    I think it's interesting how special effects have evolved over the years. I like knowing how people can create illusions to make things look real to others on camera and how editing techniques can make something boring look amazing.

  12. Topics that I would like to do:
    1) John Wayne
    2) The Unknown Solider
    3) The miracle on Ice

    The topic that interests me the most is either my number 2 or 3. The unknown solider represents all the Americans that don't come home and how we should respect and show our gratitude towards them. The miracle on ice is representative of how we fought the communistic soviet union and how we overcame them on and off the ice.

  13. The three topics I was thinking of are:
    1. Salvador Dali- started the surrealism art movement.
    2. Solomon Asch- studied the idea of conformity.
    3. William Tell- defied the government, and he had to shoot an apple off his son's head.

    I really like my first two choices because I have some prior knowledge on the subject, and I also find both of their subjects very interesting. Salvador Dali's works are very strange, and Solomon's studies shed light on the thought processes involved with peer pressure.

  14. 1. Louis Armstrong
    2. Heron of Alexandria- Greek engineer
    3. Detroit: birthplace of the car industry

    Louis Armstrong was an influential jazz player and singer from New Orleans. He is also thought to have a significant role in the creation of modern jazz. He played the trumpet with amazing skill and talent leading the way for other artist like miles Davis and Bing Crosby. He also inspired other singers like Sinatra from his skills as a singer as well. I think it is important to recognize the significance of his contributions to the music world and they way lead the way to music evolving to what it is today.

  15. The three topics I decided I wanted to learn more about were:
    1. Bob Ross and the contributions he made to the art community.
    2. Florence Nightingale and what made her known as “The Queen of Nursing.”
    3. The discovery of “Lucy” the skeleton.
    I had a hard time choosing between topics one and two. I think it would be interesting to learn about one of the first human skeletons ever found, especially since I have never heard of this event. I would also like to research Florence Nightingale because she was the founder of general nursing. Since I am going into nursing I think it would be interesting to find out how it all began.

  16. 1. John D Rockefeller/Andrew Carnegie business tycoons
    2. Jesse Owens1936 Olympic Gold Medalist
    3. The sinking of the Titanic

    The one that I like best is number 1. These men are some of the greatest business men in history and most people don't know a lot about them, even though they founded and ran some of the biggest businesses in history, Standard oil and Carnegie steel.

  17. The three topics i decided to learn about were
    1) Disney world
    2)muscle cars from the 60's
    3)John Wilkes Booth
    I would like to research and learn more about Disney World since it is such an iconic place in America. It is one of my favorite places to go and would love to learn more about how it came to be.

  18. 1. Times Square in New York City
    2. Elizabeth Blackwell
    3. Apollo 11

    Of all of these topics, I would enjoy Times Square the most. I've always thought that Times Square is the most amazing place I've been to, and having been there last New Year's Eve, I became really interested in how it got all of the hype and how it became such an icon in American history.

  19. 1. Jackie Robinson
    2. Nelson Mandela
    3. Johnny Cash

    Of the three topics I think I would like to research and learn more about Johnny Cash. I really enjoy his music and I think it would be interesting to learn more about his background.

  20. 1. McDonald's and the fast food franchise
    2. Johnny Cash and his music career
    3. The Columbus Zoo and how it has become the number one zoo in the country

    I think I want to do either Johnny Cash because of his influence on the country music industry or McDonald's because of how powerful it has become. I love country music so I think I will choose Johnny Cash.

  21. The three topics I chose are:
    1.) Quentin Tarantino- film director, producer, screenwriter and actor.
    2.) Charlie Chaplin- English actor during the silent film era.
    3.) The use of special effects, motion capture, etc in movies.

    I am tied between number one and two I think it would be interesting to learn about number one and how Quentin Tarantino has brought to the film industry as well his style of writing,directing, and acting.


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