Monday, November 10, 2014

Exploration 7: Brent Nicol

1) A part of the reading I would like to share is how some public documents have taken a sacred form in peoples lives. Public documents have a way of drastically changing the future and the lives of people such as the Declaration of Independence. I believe that public documents such as these are very crucial in the future of the world and generations to come.

2) A petition that I thought was very interesting was the piece of writing to Tiger Woods.The purpose of this writing  was to try to get Tiger Woods to boycott the Master's Golf Tournament until the Augusta National Club admits women members. I do not believe that this was effective because it was asking to much of only one person. Even if Tiger Woods would have boycotted the Masters, chances are the Augusta National Club members would not change tradition and their way of thinking. There would have to be a much bigger scale of boycotting between the professional golfers to have this idea work.The evidence used in this piece of writing was how the club has a legal right to discriminate. "its first black member was only admitted in 1990, only" is used as evidence because it is a fact that cannot be disputed. Also this sentence is where the writing is at its best because it shows how discriminate the club is towards people who want to be members.  The writing is also very good when they ask "why would you want to support that?" because it puts Tiger Woods on the spot and it makes him think about what he is going to do to try to change the club.


  1. Brent-
    I agree with your second statement, as I thought that the piece to Tiger Woods was also really interesting. I also agree with you in saying that the writing wasn't effective because it's asking too much of one person. I also said that because it's Tiger Woods, and because he's famous for his golf career, that I think that having him boycott one of the biggest organizations is too much of a risk for his career.
    I enjoyed reading this exploration because you and I had similar opinions! :)

  2. I also found the Tiger Woods petition very interesting. I agree that it is not effective and that its asking one person to do to much. If they would of asked more golfers that were going to attend to do the same I think it might of worked.


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