Monday, December 1, 2014

Exploration 8: Brent Nicol

1) After watching Fresh and listening to my classmates, I found there were a lot of interesting topics that were brought up.I thought the most interesting topic brought up was about monoculture. This was because this topic brought to me the realization that if these type of farming practices are continued, America could run into an epidemic of dead earth. The ground could literally become dead and wont be able to support any living foliage. I thought the film did a very good job at relaying information on how organic practices are, and must be used more often to truly support the amount of resources humans need to live and flourish. If monoculture continue, Americans could find themselves in a predicament on where to get healthier and more nutritious food to support their health. The quote I chose was "Animals feed plants and plants feed animals" because I think the quote captures what is wrong with today's farming practices. These practices like ,monoculture, are not allowing nature to work naturally. Chickens are eating food made from chickens and crops are being planted repeatedly in one area, which is causing animal and soil death and depletion.

2) The theme that I researched was rotational grazing. This is a practice in where livestock is rotated between different pastures to ensure that the foliage is being enriched and healthy, while also making sure that the livestock is growing and producing in a healthy manor. I looked into this theme because I think it is a great way of growing healthy animals and healthy land naturally and efficiently. I learned from this topic that this practice discourages competition from weeds and undesirable plant species that often invade when foliage is overgrazed and weakened. This practice also creates healthier livestock because the grass from this process is high in nutrition and is easy to digest.

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