Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Exploration 8: Lindsey Bridges

      I think that the most important point was how negatively industrial farming has effected the farming industry. All the information given in the video supported this. A pollution problem was created with industrial farming and now there is fertility crisis on farms because there are no animals left to create good, natural fertilizer. Diseases like mad cow disease, have been created due to industrial farming. The cows were fed dead cows and a new disease was created. Farms that are controlled by industrialized companies control how the farmers run their farms. Overall, if was proven many times in the video that industrial farming is the wrong way to go.
    I researched Professor John Ikerd, who was shown many times throughout the documentary. I wanted to do more research on him because he was very prevalent throughout the video and I wanted to learn more about him. Ikerd  is an agricultural economist from the University of Missouri. He was a member of FFA in high school and grew up of his family's farm. John left the family farm in pursuit of a higher education in the farm industry, without actually being a farmer. He only wanted a career that involved farming. He said that if he were to do it all again he would have become a farmer. Today, Ikerd does not believe in the ideas that are taught in FFA programs today, he does not believe in industrial farming.
    What really stood out in class was how many people took interest in Will Allen. It was clear that he made an impact in his part of the video and it made people more interested in his work. It was interesting to hear what others thought of him and his work, I had a very high opinion of him in the video. What others said about him and his work solidified how great of an impact he has on people and the farming industry.

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  1. You did a great job giving us information on Ikerd. He sounds like a very reliable source based on his background and his career choices. Its interesting how he said if he were to do it all again he would of been a farmer when he said he only wanted a career that involved farming. I also took interest in the fact a lot of people chose to research will Allen. I did not do any research on him but he also seemed to be very reliable.


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