Monday, December 8, 2014

Brent Nicol: Last Exploration

Part 1: The piece of writing that I thought I did the best on was the first two paragraphs from my essay 2. I thought this because I utilized a flashback with the three periods that I learned how to use from The Things They Carried.I also was descriptive and tried hard on this assignment.

   It was a chilly evening as I sat on the cold, metal grate seat of the tree stand. A slight wind was blowing North, and the sun was starting to make its way toward sunset as October was creeping into November. I had been grunting with the tone of a buck throughout the day on twenty minute intervals, and, as I sat there with buck urine on my clothes, I thought to myself how fortunate I was to have the opportunity to enjoy nature as I have always done. I began to scan the woods and off to my left, I saw a movement of brown along the edge of the cornfield heading my way. I thought to myself, ”Oh, probably just another doe”, but as the deer came into a clearing, I noticed the antlers that were protruding out of the buck’s head like tree limbs.
    A year earlier, my brother in law had brought his compound bow over to our house. He asked me if I wanted to shoot it, and nervously I said yes because I knew how much money the bow costed him. I had plenty of experience shooting a crossbow, but the technicality, finesse, and action of shooting a compound bow made me nervous to try it myself. The crossbow was just like shooting a gun. “Why would he trust me with something so valuable?” I thought, as we made our way into the backyard. He had set up his shooting block, and we stationed ourselves twenty yards away. He began to tell me how to shoot it, and he put the release on his hand quickly and nocked an arrow. He drew back while still talking about how to shoot it, what the peep sight was, and where to look. He then effortlessly released the arrow as the bow made a quiet thump, and I watched the arrow fly directly into the middle of the white dot on the black target block. He turned to me and said, ”Now it’s your turn.” I nervously yet excitedly grabbed the bow, and he put the release onto my wrist. I nocked an arrow like he had shown me, and I began to draw back. Drawing back was much harder than I anticipated, and he must have noticed my struggle because he said,”It’s a little hard at first to draw back due to the draw weight, but after a while you get used to it.” I then continued to follow his instructions on where to look, and I released the arrow toward the block. The bow made that same muffled thump as my arrow soared toward the block. It hit the block, but it was no where near where his arrow had been effortlessly placed. But, at that very moment, I fell in love with shooting a compound bow, and a year later I saved enough money to buy one of my own.

Part 2: The subject that I would like to share is the topic of hunting. Some people may not fully understand the benefits of hunting. But, I think it is important to be able to know why people do it and why it is good for nature, even if you're not a hunter. Some people may see hunting as a bad thing because of killing animals, but if they read and try to fully understand the benefits, they may find a different perspective. I'm a big believer in hunting and it has taught me a lot about nature and how animals function. I think that if people would go out and experience nature as I have, they will see how spectacular and beneficial hunting is.



  1. Your description of the tree stand and that night did an excellent job of making me feel like I was there. I agree that people need to research topics further until they can make a truly literate decision. I will be sure to study up on hunting more to make sure that I know all of the benefits.

  2. I agree with what you say about hunting. I come from a family that hunts every year to help feed themselves and because it gives them an oppertunity to relax and enjoy nature. I also love animal and agree with you that people need to get out and experience nature and learn about it wether that is with hunting or studying it or what ever way they choose it will benifit them alot.


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