Monday, December 1, 2014

Exploration 8: Kristen Orewiler

1. I thought the most important evidence in this video was that we eat what we grow. In my opinion, I want to know exactly what I am eating. During the video Fresh, some of the farmers didn't know exactly what the animals were being fed. It's important to know what the animals are eating because that meat is what we are putting in our bodies. There could be something harmful in the feed and the consumers wouldn't have a clue. One quote I really agreed with was, "We're American's, we want what we want. We don't think where it comes from." That could potentially be very dangerous for us. I thought the strengths of this film were that there was a wide-range of topics to inform the audience about. It was very interesting listening to farmers, producers, and organic farmers. There was plenty of information while watching the video and I think that helped that video Fresh be so successful.  One weakness I thought about the video was instead of jumping around, I wish it was grouped better. For example, there was one part when Mr. and Mrs. Fox was talking and they were cut off. I wish it would have been grouped better.

2. My research theme that I researched was more about Growing Power Weekend Worship. Will Allen was the founder of Growing Power Weekend Worship and I thought it was very interesting that he wanted to inform more people about the important of organics. Will was a great educator and he has three farms. He has one in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Wisconsin. Once each month, January-June, he hosts "From the Ground Up". He invites people from all over the country to see what he is going and how we can become more organic. I think it's a very important value for Americans to learn because it's a healthier alternative. Also Will is focusing on the youth. Growing Power Weekend Worship is allowing the youth to come and tour, have an internship, and also is always willing to take volunteers.

3. I thought the research about antibiotics was very important because if we are being punished for eating meat because the farmers don't know what antibiotics are getting injected into the animals, it could lead for a serious problem. I thought that was very interesting and never thought about it in that way before.

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