Monday, December 8, 2014

exploration 9 Austin Nininger

     Part 1  
     How are you supposed to cope with losing your role model? Was I supposed to just accept it? Was I supposed to think of some excuse for her to be still be alive? All I know is I was lost and I didn’t know how to find my way out. I couldn’t do it on my own. My parents helped by telling me she was no longer suffering or hurting, instead she was in heaven anxiously awaiting my arrival. This thought was comforting. If I look from her point of view it wasn’t such a terrible event after all. I know she will watch over me and wait there until I join her. She was in paradise, away from this retched place, but why then did it all happen this way?
       Before all of this I was your average adolescent child. I cared about my appearance, my friends, and having fun. I cared about my image and looking back my concerns in life were very minor things. As a kid they always are. Most kids don’t have major responsibilities or worries in their lives. That’s what grown-ups have to deal with right? Well sometimes the maturing process begins a little early. I had to take care of my Grandmother, balance my schooling and homework with trying to keep the builder from cheating us out of anything. I had to keep all my anger and sadness inside because I needed to act like an adult. My parents needed me to be an adult. I grew up very quickly throughout it all. I learned family is more important than money. I also learned sometimes you need to suck it up and deal with it. My Grandmother’s favorite saying was, “Pull up your big girl panties and deal with it.” Well I had to do just that, pull up my big boy panties and deal with it.

      Tragedies and catastrophes happen for a reason. That light at the end of the tunnel might not be the solution for your problem, but it will help you in the end. My maturation and experience gave me the credentials I needed to help many of my friends through very similar problems. It also gave me a completely new way of interpreting a situation. There will always be a light at the end, no matter how dark it may seem. That is probably the most important lesson I learned. Why would you worry about what might happen if you know it will be better on the other side? All of those stresses may just be there not to break you, but to mold you into who you are meant to be. If life seems to be caving in, and you see no way out. Remember one thing. It will always be brighter at the end of the tunnel, so you may just have to, “Pull up your big girl panties, and deal with it.” Until you get there. 

These paragraphs are from my second essay this semester. These paragraphs were the ones where I explained to the reader the life lessons I was learning. The last paragraph in particular I summarized all of my feelings and lessons for the readers, and I tried to tell them how to apply these lessons to themselves. 

    Part 2
I feel like other students should try playing video games in their free time. One game I was introduced to last year was League of Legends. This is a MOBA which basically means it's a strategy game where 2 teams fight to destroy the one another's fortresses. This game requires a lot of teamwork and planning to succeed, so it helps in communication and problem solving. Unlike other games League of Legends is balanced, so every player is equal in power. This means there are no players, who end up winning the game. Teamwork wins games. The reason I feel like more of us should try it is because you do not have to be a major gamer or a skilled one to be helpful. There is a character for everyone. Also the ablility to learn more about the game the more you play it makes League of Legends more fun. At first you may be trying to figure out how to survive, but eventually you will learn how to ambush, how to use vision, and how to work together with your team. It may sound nerdy, but this free game is a fun pass time, that will make you smarter. 

here is the link if you want to try



  1. Video games is a fun way to pass time. It can be nerdy, but everyone has there own opinions. Like you said, LoL is a team based game, and I think it's only fun if you have friends to team up with. I think single player games like Skyrim or Grand Theft Auto would be more enjoyable. Even though they are not free like LoL, I think those games do a better job at passing time or relieving stress.

  2. I also agree that video games are a nice way to pass time. I do not really play that often but i enjoy it when i do. Maybe ill look into your game.


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