Monday, December 1, 2014

Extra credit opportunity: Review The Square/Research. From Mike Lohre

 You can find this documentary streaming on Netflix.  You may have to buy a month's membership or find a friend or family member who has Netflix already.

THE SQUARE (2013) directed by

Winner of three Emmys and nominee for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, this powerful film immerses the viewer in the intense emotional drama of young people on the streets of Cairo claiming their right to create a society of freedom and conscience. As two governments topple in quick succession, the personal stories of the freedom fighters unfold in an inspiring tribute to the power of citizenship.

Listen and watch actively, taking notes and making connections. 


1) Write a review of The Square, analyzing the documentary's strengths and weakness and evaluating important themes or ideas in the film.

2) For your Conclusion section of this review, work to apply this to the here and now and use research to inform and expand your review. 

Here are two questions to consider for this section and your research:

--What is the situation in Egypt today?  What has changed or evolved in the situation? What are the biggest challenges?  What are the best hopes for a solution?

--How did social media play a role in this uprising in Egypt?  Where else do we see social media playing a prominent role for people who are trying to record abuses and/or promote alternative ideas?  (If you need somewhere to start, look into  Ai Weiwei in China, Joshua Wong in Hong Kong, or find another example. . .there are many if you dig.  Tell us about this example and what you learned from it.)

3) You will post this review and research in a New Post on our blog and in order to get credit, you must finish and post this to our blog by 12 noon on Thursday, Dec. 11.

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