Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Exploration 8 Jacob Keller

1) Some of the important aspects I thought of the film were the highlights of how our seemingly perfect food system is highly flawed and is actually doing a lot more harm than good to us.  It did a good job highlighting all the issues that plague the modern food system.  It helped make me aware of what the current situation in the agricultural system is and it is pretty scary especially when the farmers do not know what they are giving the animals like when the chicken farmer's wife said " we do not know what is in the feed they give us we just use it".  However I think the film was a little weak on providing the means of fixing it.  They only briefly talked about the solutions and even less on how to carry out those solutions.

2) The theme that I did some research on was some of the statistics of the organic agricultural system and I wanted to look into it and see exactly what  was the big difference between that and the industrial system we are currently in and what it is all about.  Some of the things I found were quite interesting in that the organic system boasts a lot more healthier results in it's food in that they contain fewer pesticides and that given the technology we have today it could be possible for an organic system to be feasible.

3) I enjoyed listening to what other people had found out especially things like hydro/aquaponic systems for growing food.  It got me thinking about what I could do in the future in terms of food.  Those ideas combined with what Will Allen says and does could mean fresh homegrown food on the dinner table for many Americans.

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  1. I thought the theme you researched was very interesting to learn about as well. In do not know what pesticides can do to damage humans in the long run, but I don't want to find out first hand so I thought that an organic agricultural farming community would be better and safer.


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