Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Exploration 8: Elianna Ponte

In watching Fresh, I really learned more about the farming industry, and it made me think about the food I consume on a daily basis. In watching this short film I have taken an initiative in looking into the organic food industry as well as being more conscious about the foods I consume, as well as where thy come from. The most important idea that I picked up throughout the film was the treatment of animals in the industry. It really struck me when Joel Salatin was talking about the respecting the design of nature in saying that herbivores should do two things; always be moving, and not eating meat. I was shocked when he mentioned that industrial farming promotes feeding dead cows to cows, which leads to Mad Cow Disease. I thought that was really inhumane and wrong, and the fact that some industries do that really disappoints me because of the fact that we depend on the animals so much on a daily basis for our main sources of food. One of my favorite parts of the film was Will Allen saying that he was all about food and about changing the existing food industry. I really liked when he said that he wanted to make these foods accessible to everyone so that "not only rich people can afford it." I think sometimes that thought gets lost in the process because of the industry's want to make money, so the fact that Will Allen said that really reminded me that I can't stereotype the whole industry because not everyone is as money-driven as they're painted to be.

I did my research on Will Allen. I was really interested in his position in the industry mainly because there was such a large jump, to me, in him being a well-known basketball player to then becoming an educator and starting the Growing Power organization. I liked learning about his childhood and how he grew up in a small farm in Maryland and that he wasn't allowed to play basketball until all of his chores were done. I thought this was interesting because he started off at such a local level with his organization, and now it's grown and expanded throughout the US.

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  1. I too was amazed at the fact that industrial farming promotes feeding dead cows to cows. That is not how a herbivore is supposed to be. They are supposed to roam and be free and feed on plants. Industry has taken the cycle apart and is promoting unhealthy treatment of animals.


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