Monday, December 1, 2014

Exploration 8 Jared Mills

1) Something that I feel strongly about that was talked a lot about in the documentary is organic farming versus industrialized farming.  I believe that we dont utilize organic farming as much as we should, considering that industrialized crops often have less nutrients compared to organic crops.  Sure organic crops are a little more expensive, but it's worth it to know that what youre eating is more nutritous and has little to no pesticides/harmful chemicals used on it.  Something Joel Salatin does that more farmers should do it rotational grazing.  This is when herds or flocks are systematically rotated so that the previously consumed area can regenerate.  I found it interesting on his website it says "we havent bought a bad of chemical fertilizer in half a century, never planted a seed, own no plow, or disk, or silo."  "Respect the design of nature" is something Joel said in the documentary that really struck me; we should realize that things are the way they are and work the way they work for a reason, and shouldnt try and alter them; as altering them may result negatively.
2) What I researched was something Joel Salatin believed in: being against industrialized  farming.  Something interesting I found was that industrialized farming many times reduces the nutrients in the crop, and often makes them more poisonous because of all the pesticides used.  Also, industrialized farming contributes to harmful gas emission, employs less people, and causes malnutrition/diseases to farm animals.  Something they said in the video was that "medium sized organic is greater than any sized industrialized"
3) What I found interesting from our discussion was information about GMO's.  I did a research paper back in high school about GMO's and learned a lot about them, but I learned some new information during our discussion.  The fact that GMO's are such a huge part in the produce we buy at supermarkets, and that's mostly what we consume.  On top of that, most consumers have no idea what their foods are being modified with.  We don't know what pesticides or other chemicals are being sprayed on our crops.  

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  1. I agree with many of Joel's ideas. I have seen him in other movies and read his books. He respects the land and Nature which to me is what everyone needs to do. His knowledge and facts defiantly helps his case. I like how you included him saying "medium sized organic is greater then any sized industrialized" He not only says this but proves it on his farm.


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