Monday, December 8, 2014

Final exploration Evan Dias

1) I think the the essay where my writing was at its best was the second essay. I wrote about my grandmother and how she really changed my life and how i did not even realize this until after she passed away. She would never give up at anything she did. She faced many hardships throughout her life but kept pushing through until the very end. I noticed she would do all this but i never really knew the meaning of it until i got a little bit older. She was truly an inspiration to me and everyone close to her. The best part of that essay was when i was talking about how the doctors just told us the options she had and how we were supposed to tell her "I remember trudging back into the room trying as hard as i could to not just break down and cry. My mom told her the two options, She could either take medicine that would ease the pain until she died, or the doctors could take her off the machines and give her some medicine to  just painlessly slip away. As soon as she told her my mom had to leave the room because she could not believe this was happening. My grandma could not speak because she couldn't get enough air. when she tried it sounded like an asthma attack. She was just gasping for air. She tried to write it down and said, 'I can't believe the doctor asked if i wanted to kill myself with their help'. She would not give up". I chose this part of my essay because it truly shows how much of a fighter she was. Even when she was laying on her deathbed and in so much pain, she would not give up she believed she could pull through this.

2)Almost every person in today's society can say they love watching movies. A lot of these people will agree that most of these movies are not very realistic. One movie i found to be absolutely amazing and could possibly happen in the future is interstellar. This is a movie about how the earth is dying and a few select astronauts went into space to try to find a life sustainable planet. This was not possible until a new worm hole opened up that they could travel through. It really brings out about every single emotion possible and has a huge plot twist in the end. This has become one of my favorite movies and really makes you think about a lot of things that happen in your life. I highly suggest this movie to anybody and everybody. If you want to learn more here is a link to a trailer.

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  1. I saw Interstellar over this past weekend and i have to say I loved it too! I have always been interested in things like that!


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