Monday, December 8, 2014

Final Exploration: Xavier Gregory

Part 1) I think that my best writing was when I was writing my personal narrative. With the personal narrative I was writing about my very first pet and the lessons that he taught me. I feel like this was my best writing because it has been the first time were I really think about the lessons he had told me. Also allowed me to really connect to the past and how it shaped the person I am now.

In the living room I take a seat on the red couch in my "go to" spot. Three seconds later after sitting on the couch I am presented with a small toy squirrel from Jack. I look down and see that he is looking patently at the plush orange squirrel waiting for it to be tossed in the air. So I humor him and I toss the toy in the air and I see him rocketing through the air to catch the toy in mid air. We get a good 10 to 15 minutes of solid play time before he got tired. He walks over and lies right next to my feet and takes a quick rest before my little sister who is now 13 at the time comes down stairs and heads towards the living room where Jack and I where hanging out. As her voice got closer and louder Jack got up to meet her where the carpet meets the hardwood floor. She looks down and starts petting him and doing all of the typical sayings like" Who's a good boy?" and " You're a good boy!" When she got down to pet him Rusty charges over and tackles her head on so he can be told the same thing This would be the last time that Jack and Rusty share the same attention and the last time that my sister pets him and tells him "he's a good boy!"

I chose this section because it really shows that my dog was a big impact in my life and my sisters. Also I think that it shows that my writing has really changed since high school.

Part 2) So I have always been a big movie nut, but I think one of the best movies that I have seen has been The Breakfast Club. This movie really shows the change that people are capable of when they open up to each other. This movie is a must see because it also shows the struggles that these students face when being in high school.

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  1. The last few sentences are what really make me want to read your narrative! I felt a sadness immediately while reading this and felt as though I would really enjoy your narrative. I would also like to compare one of your high school writings to how you write now in college.
    I too love the movie The Breakfast Club and would recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it before.


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