Monday, December 8, 2014

Exploration of My Own

Part One:
            The entire time I was explaining to him what had happened I kept a straight face, as always, but the moment I told him his featured changed. His already dark brown eyes darkened with sadness, his strong shoulders slumped in pain, and his brave and strong demeanor changed to sad and worried. He saw that I was hurting and filled with sorrow, even though I never showed those things, he just knew. The need for him to make everything better and be there to help me through this rough time.”

I chose this piece of writing because I feel like this was the only time I have ever been that descriptive in a paper. I have never been very great at getting descriptive and showing characteristics of a person but in this paper I feel as though I did a better job then I have ever done in any piece of writing.

Part Two:
I thought I would post this song called, “Run To You” by Pentatonix. This song is really close to my heart, the lyrics in the song are beautiful, here are some of the lyrics:

I've been settling scores
I've been fighting so long
But I've lost your war
And our kingdom is gone

How shall I win back
Your heart which was mine
I have broken bones and tattered clothes
I've run out of time

I'll run, I'll run, I'll run, run to you
I'll run, I'll run, I'll run, run to you
The lyrics are so well written and they have an amazing meaning. This band is a strictly a capella group, which means there are no instruments other than their voices, they also are now a very well known group around the world. This is the first song that they wrote instead of covering other songs like they always do, so that is why I find this song so heart warming. I think that everyone should listen to this song and actually listen to the lyrics to hear the emotion in their voices.   


  1. what an amazing song! I have heard of Pentatonix but never that song, I love how not only they sing with nothing but there voices but the words they sing you can tell they mean. Your also right when you say this song has an amazing meaning because it does! It makes you definitely feel something no matter who you are or what your story is. Thank you for sharing this! I will be listening more to them now!

  2. I absolutely love Pentatonix!!! That is such an amazing song with such beautiful lyrics, and I think it's so interesting how they wrote this, as, like you said, they mostly do covers of songs.
    Thanks for sharing this!


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