Sunday, December 7, 2014

Exploration of your Own Design: Lydia Freudenberg

Part One: Past Writing

This past semester I really enjoyed writing our second essay where we focused on a talent, quality or skill we have gained. I decided to write about how through the years I have acquired the skill of being patient. I jotted some pretty personal experiences on my paper, and even though it felt foreign at times, I enjoyed writing out my emotions. The essay focused on how my father has had a rough time finding a steady job, and how it has actually forced me to become a patient person. I told of a couple stories that created this skill, each personal, and concluded with how everything now affects me today. I actually wrote my conclusion first, it came easy and I was pleased with how the words flowed. I think this was the best part of my essay because it was honest and meaningful. It showed a lot of who I am, and how I handle things and think.

"But time is evil. There are nights when I lay in bed and my insides twist and tense up and I'm in pain and I have to remind myself, patience is a virtue. But I then listen to my clock tick by and I can't help but think we're out of time. The amount of patience that has been tested in out family is annoyingly amazing. Yet I know, these patiences will be carried for the rest of my life, because of events like these. I am frightened to enter the real world. I have to take a deep breath, charge forward and let time be my chariot as I ride into the future of unknown. All while being patient." 

Part Two: My Own Design 

About a year or so ago I read a very interesting, informational and humorous book titled, "How Fish Fart - And Other Useless or Gross Information About The World" by Francesca Gould. It is a novel consisting of hundreds of facts about the history of the world, different cultural ways and weird creatures and food.

Some of the 'what-the-heck' topics are; "What Is Urine Therapy Massage" or "Who Was The Woman Who Died Three Times?" and "What Is Maggot Cheese?" I also love how Gould does not just state why the fact is a fact. He goes in depth and describes when, where, why and how this fun fact happens or occurred. Gould keeps the novel a fast read though, and jumps from topic to topic, never dragging on, all while being informative. You will react to each topic in a different manner and get a good laugh and/or spine tingle out of a lot of them.

I believe an easy-read novel is important every now and then. Why not brush up on your random knowledge of things most people do not know about. This novel can/could even help your memory, since there is so much information to absorb. It is always a great way to discover some interesting conversation starters.


  1. I never heard of this book before but it seems really interesting and is now on my reading list. The tittle grabs my attention right away so I know I'll have an interest in it. In my opinion, the reason to read is to learn something it sounds like a perfect book to read! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I liked your essay writing. I think that is a skill we all need to learn because the real world really isn't as good as it seems. Interesting book choice too. I may have to read it quite possibly down the road since there are things out there in the world that we just may find interesting to know.

  3. I really enjoyed part one of your exploration. I thought that your writing was very well written and that it was very descriptive and helped the reader understand. I love that you said "I am frightened to enter the real world." I feel as though a lot of us are scared to actually be adults and have the full on responsibility.

  4. I usually dont like reading, but that book you shared actually looks interesting and I think i might read it. Ive always loved having random knowledge and just shooting facts out and seeing peoples faces. Thanks for sharing it!

  5. I love learning about different forms of trivia and usless knowaldge of fun facts so i always enjoy reading books like Why Fish Fart. it sounds like it would be interesting and i will have to check it out.


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