Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"The Square" Extra Credit Evan Dias

This video was just jaw dropping. I can not believe all of this was happening in Egypt. These people are so brave for everything that they did and were truly an inspiration to me and everyone that has seen this. They would not and will not give up until the government is no longer corrupt and the people rule their own country. Despite the many hardships they faced through this including being beaten, tortured, gassed, run over, and killed, they continued to fight on until they got change. They kept saying how they should never of left the square. They compared it to a test that you did really well on but turned it in with no name. That example really hit the nail on the head. Unless you keep working until you get what you want, did you really accomplish anything? This film had several strengths to it. One that really stood out is how they used clips from the news to show that this was being noticed all over the world. American reports were talking about how much of a tragedy this whole situation is and how it needs to be resolved. They also had several interviews from both the corrupt power whether it was the military or the government, and the revolutionists. It displayed both parties and really showed how corrupt and brutal an uncontrolled government can be. It showed a large amount of violence, brutality, loss of loved ones and emotion. The main weakness of this film is they need to explain how it is the police and military ended up with so much power. Why is it the military are against the people? isn't it their job to protect them? . A major theme in this film was to never give up and keep on fighting. These people protesting shouted many times about how they were not going to leave until there was change and how violence would not stop them. The military tested them to see if they could get them to leave. The deaths and brutal beatings caused the fighters to go stronger and unite even more. They knew something had to be done and were not willing to let the government get away with this. Social medias played a huge role through this protest. This is where they spread the word about what they were fighting for and how they showed everyone what was going on. They encouraged every person to use a video camera to record what was going on. With this, they would post it on social media so people could see how awful it truly was. These people that saw it would then hopefully join the cause. They said "as long as someone is recording there is still a revolution". That is one of the most accurate things I've heard. They can use these videos to turn people to their side just fueling the revolution. Egypt today is still the same as it was two years ago when this was filmed. People are still being beaten, tortured, arrested, and killed because they are still fighting for this revolution. Police are using live bullets to try to stop the people in the revolution. The biggest challenges right now are continuing to protest. this is because a lot more people are fearing for their lives. This is a very dangerous situation and these people know that. This causes them to be scared and lose some followers. The only hope for this is to continue is to spread the word about this cause and convince more people to fight with them for a better future.

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