Monday, December 8, 2014

Exploration of Own Design Elianna Ponte

Part 1. One of the pieces that I wrote this semester that I am extremely proud of was my narrative essay. Although it wasn't my highest scored paper, it was the one that meant the most to me because it gave me a chance to talk about one of my absolute favorite high school memories; Appalachia. I was given an opportunity to go on a mission trip my junior year of high school and it really opened my eyes to things that I take for granted, but it also opened up my eyes to the beauty that is found in simplicity, which is why I chose this paper. I think my strong point in the essay was the following:
"To sum it up; only two showers the whole week, no makeup was allowed to be worn, no electronics; no phones or computers, not even a TV. I was almost in shock because I had no idea all of this would happen, but I was really looking forward to the week, and to see what Appalachia would be like with my literally being disconnected from everyone for a whole week..."
 "While contributing to the house building project, we took about a 30 minute break to refuel with some lunch. We had the opportunity to ask the main builder more about Appalachia and why he was still living in Appalachia aside from the fact that he didn't have much money and his response really got me thinking. He replied with, 'I know we don't have much and that you city folk probably aren't used to not having the latest electronics, but let's be honest for a second; I have a job that pays the bills and my family loves me and I love them. It's all I need. I'm the happiest man alive.' His response opened my eyes to realizing that material things don't make you happy, and money doesn't make you happy either."

Part 2: I'm a huge fan of the kitchen and I have always liked cooking since I was really young. My dad and I would spend hours in the kitchen figuring out what to cook and how to improve on recipes we had already made. Because of that, I wanted to share one of my favorite food blogs with you guys! It's called Not Without Salt. I really like it because I feel like the recipes are easy to follow and they have everything from drinks to entrees, to desserts, etc. Although it's a food blog, it's important to me because it really reminds me of my childhood and spending afternoons with my dad. I think it's important to be literate in order to understand this blog because, obviously, if you can't read and understand what you're reading, it's hard to follow the recipes!
Hopefully you'll take a look at the blog and learn a little something, whether it's about how to cook, or what to cook, or even discovering your love for food!

I had a really good semester with you guys and it was nice getting to know a lot of you! I wish you all the best next semester and in the years to come at OSU, or wherever you go from here, and thanks to Mike for making this a class that actually meant something to me and not just another credit hour! Happy Holidays to everyone :)


  1. I think that that trip you went on sounded pretty cool and it's great you and other are helping people out. I like to cook with my dad sometimes as well. Usually I am just an assistant but sometimes I make a few dishes. I think its good because cooking is something you will need throughout your entire life and it is also a nice skill to impress people with.

  2. When I picked what essay I would share I also chose the one that I was most proud of, not my highest score. I think that being proud of your writing is important. I really liked what you shared about your trip and how you said you were almost in shock without the things we use on a daily basis. Its an eye opener to go without these things. I also like the blog you shared, from what you said about it, it could be something I visit often.

  3. I thought that it was awesome that you like cooking so much. I am a really really big fan of food, and I thought it was cool that you cooked with your dad to try to perfect recipes. I understand that it is very hard to follow recipes, because im a terrible cook.

  4. You're welcome Elianna and thanks for the work this semester and the nice last post!


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