Thursday, December 4, 2014

Exploration of your Own Design: Mason Metcalf

The paper I wrote that I believe my writing was the best was in in the second essay.  I feel like this is some of my best writing because it's true. It came from me and I didn't have to force myself to write this. 

 "My knee healed but my mind never did. I never played football again and didn't play a sport again until almost sixth grade. Even though my life changed in huge ways and it hurt and it wasn't always fun I am grateful it happened. I believe I became a better and more well rounded person because of it. Everything has a reason and even though when I was nine I may not of seen these reasons looking back now I clearly do. I gained friends, abilities, trust and love from this. Life to me is simple, you can either let something bad in your life beat you or you can beat something bad in your life, I beat that bad thing and came out stronger."

For my Own Design I chose to talk a little bit more about honey bees. Going off of what we learned in Fresh we know that the balance of nature is a hard thing to find. We as humans always wants what is fast, easy, and cheep. This isn't always a bad thing but when we do this something almost all the times suffers. Now some of the larger issues like dumping stuff into rivers or making GMO's are taken into account but what about the little things? Honey bees are one of the most important things on this planet and how much do you know about them? You probably know they make honey that you eat and that they sting you. But those two things are probably the least two important things about a honey bee. Honey bees pollinate hundreds of plants that produce food we eat. They produce 1/3 of every meal you eat in one way or another. The problem today is that bee keepers are finding that over 70% of there bees die a year. A leading cause to this is because of CCD or Colony Collapse Disorder. Scientist have not found one true cause of this yet but are looking everyday. Some blame the amount of pesticides used on plants and others blame the monocultures farmers have created. Either one are very pressing issues and we should be more careful because without honey bees the world would truly be hurt. Here are some links I encourage you to look at that explain even more the issues and problems with honey bees. 


  1. I really enjoyed reading your exploration about honeybees. You had a lot of facts that were worth reading and I really hope to look at some of the links you posted as well. They were also very interesting and I learned more information about honey that I didn't know about. I think it would have made the fresh video we watched better if there was more about honeybees and the honey they do produce. Nice job, very interesting topic!

  2. I enjoyed your essay quote because we all have moments in our life when bad things happen, but we manage to deal with it in some way to make us grow as individuals. Nice research topic. I don't know much about honey bees, but this proved to be helpful in knowing that they are important.

  3. I really liked your essay exert it was very well written. I think it's cool to know about honey bee farming not many ever really think about it but it is a very important for pollination and honey collection. I remember watching a documentary about how american honey bees face many threats now with African bees and other diseases. I hope your bees are doing well!

  4. I find what you wrote about bees very interesting. I didnt know what 1/3 of every mean has been produces/affected by bees and how important they were. And its saddening to know that theyre dying at a fast rate, I am interested in doing more research as to why this is happening and if its stoppable.


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