Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Exploration 8

For the past two years I have eaten on a strict diet plan that I designed for myself. I look to get the most out of what i put into my body, because of this, I mostly try to stick to organic foods and produce. So when we watched fresh in class it really kind of struck at home with me. I like how the film focused on the fact that most Americans fear inconvenience. Instead of actually investing in our bodies with the food that we consume,  we'd rather not have to do any of the cooking or cleaning of dishes and just hit a drive-thru. "Everybody wants it bigger, faster, cheaper" seems to describe our societies demands in the food and agricultural industry nowadays. But like it was mentioned in the film, this kind of production is not good for our planet, and if we keep further industrializing the agricultural market then we are going to drive ourselves into the ground.

I also enjoyed listening to our classmates talk about Will Allen. His story and efforts are inspiring people in Milwaukee along with others all across the world, and even what seems to be in our classroom. I believe that our generation is beginning to care more and more about the kinds of ways we grow and produce different kinds of our foods and where they come from and that makes me really happy.

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  1. I liked how you talked about Americans always wanting convince. your quote really helped to bring the point across.


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