Monday, December 8, 2014

Exploration Design Own

Part One:
I believe that the best thing I think I have written in the class this semester has to be my second essay, in my opinion. I really enjoyed coming up with sensory details to add into the piece of writing. I think being able to describe something to the point where the reader can really imagine what's going on and understand what's happening can help make a piece of writing much more relevant to the reader. Making the reader actually have a reaction to the writing, I think makes it more memorable. Here is an excerpt from the second essay I wrote.

Car Ride of my Dreams
The seats were leather, black in color. The padding was soft enough that my legs wouldn't go numb for extended car rides. It was warm, heated from the sun shining through the window. My dad was sitting in front of me, and my sisters on my left. My mom was driving. The way she drives is near opposite of how I drive. She likes to go slow, two hands on the steering wheel at all times, one at two and the other at ten. She makes complete stops at all the stop signs and goes slower than a snail at speed bumps. She always seems to end up being the last car at the next traffic light, even if she was at the front of the one before it. In most cases, I would be irritated out of my mind. Having cars speed past us giving my mom mean glares and sometimes even yell out the window. Not today though, my family and I were driving home from a vacation from Georgia. I was tired, fatigued, oblivious to everything that was happening around me. I normally don't like wearing seat belts, but unless I wore it, the car wasn't going to go anywhere. My seat belt wrapped around me, like a python wrapping around it's prey before it delivers the killing squeeze. I was waiting for my eyes to finally close, so I could sleep the rest of the long trip away. It was one of those days where the car seat was comfier than your bed at home.
My eyes were finally closing, I can finally get some very needed rest. My senses, slowly but surely, fading. The sound of the cars we weren't passing were getting softer and softer. My nose was smelling the drive through meal we bought earlier, but that also faded as my dad was eating it. I felt
warm, cozy, and comfortable as I was I had a blanket and a pillow to myself. It was small, but it was enough to cover my from the tip of my toenails, to the tops of my shoulders. My seat belt even felt like it was getting looser. So loose that I didn't even notice I was wearing one. My breathing was slow, calming and barely audible. I can feel my heart, beating like a kick drum to a slow song. Comforting me as I fall into a deep slumber. As I was falling asleep, the only things I thought about was what I would do as soon as I got home. Will I get awoken as we approach the house, or will I act like I let my dad carry me to my bed from the car. In my nine year old head, the decision was clear. I would let my dad carry me, then I would wake up. My mind kept wandering, but as I got deeper and deeper into my sleep, my thoughts would become reality. My dreams would entertain me for the short time they seam to last.

 Part Two:
Most people today use and/or own a computer. Most of the complaints people have are about there computer being slow, or something is not loading, or even there computer isn't turning on. I think it is very beneficial to know about the basics of how a computer works. Knowing the basics will help solve common issues and even help you purchase the right computer in the future without breaking the bank and buying the most expensive one. It will save you time and money, and you won't have to wait for geek squad to tell you that you that it's going to take 2 more weeks to fix it. Being able to maintain a computer is going help the longevity or lifespan of your computer. If you already know the basics of how a computer works, learning how to maintain one will be like common sense. Most people think computers are complicated pieces of machinery, but it's really not. Like the human body, each part of a computer has a specific job, thankfully, there are way less parts to a computer than a human body. Here are a couple links to youtube channels that will help you easily understand what goes on in a computer if you're interested.


  1. I really do not consider myself super tech savvy so this will actually help me out a alot. Being able to use a computer quickly and easily is a life saver.

  2. I don't know how to do much of anything when it comes to computers and i seem to have a lot of problems haha. I am very glad you did this because it will help me out whenever i have problems. i can try to fix it myself instead of spending hundreds of dollars to have someone else do it


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