Monday, December 8, 2014

Exploration 9 Preston WIlkin

1. The writing from this year that I am most proud of was my second writing piece, the narrative. An example of this comes at the end of my story:

“As our time with them was coming to an end, and we were saying our good byes. One of the older boys walked up to me and gave me a hug. As I hugged him back he said something to me that I will never forget. He said “Thank you for coming here and spending time with us. I will never forget what you have done for me. I will miss you.” This was coming from a kid who was maybe 13 years old, he was born without a leg and has been on homemade crutches his whole life. He has been rejected by his culture and his family, and he was thankful because I came and spent three days with him. The biggest thing I had done was give him some socks and toothpaste and he was great full for what I had done.

As I turned and left the building all I could do was cry because he had no idea the impact he had on me, the impact all of them had on me. These were kids who were my age these were kids who are deaf or blind or can’t walk. These were kids who’s culture has rejected them and labeled them as trash and untouchable and worthless. These were kids who were amazing artists and musicians, singers and dancers, simple amazing people. And they were grateful that I spent a couple days with them and gave them a tooth brush. As I walked out the school I looked back to see the 50 faces, who just three days ago I had never meet, knowing that they have changed my life forever."

The reason I choose this piece and this part specifically is that I feel that it was a point where I had something to write that meant something and really mattered. So for that reason I choose to share it.

2. For me one of the most important things to have some understanding in is nature and the animal kingdom, and more importantly conservation. I feel that it is important because it helps us to understand ourselves and humanity in general. This is because animals help show us the value of human traits we value. A good example of this elephants and how they help others bellow is a couple of links to some videos. If you watch the videos you see the elephants helping young who would otherwise die without the help. It helps to put a different perspective on our actions towards other. This closely leads to the idea of conservation as well because if we don't conserve the animals then we can't learn from them. Now some people may agree with me and some may not but the point to it all is this. If we take the time to look at things around us, study them and appreciate them we would have a much better society and that are why it is worth being literate about the animal kingdom and conservation.

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  1. Your writing was very very good to me and I liked that you chose this. It really shows a lot about your character as a person, but also gives us a taste of how good of a writer you are! The two paragraphs make me want to read the entire narrative that this came from.


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