Monday, December 8, 2014

Exploration of Own Design: Jared Mills

1) "Once we had it all put together, we stood and marveled at the masterpiece we had just assembled, then took it up to Matt’s room and plugged it in. It was amazing, quiet as a mouse. The case was orange and black, and it had see-through panels that let you see some of the inside. On the inside, we had installed orange lights that made it so you could see through the panels. As an added affect they flashed ever once and a while; it was like a small rave inside the computer. We could see a fan on the inside spinning to help get the liquid cooling started. We could see the water coursing through the tubes for the liquid cooling, lit by the orange LED’s we had installed. It was so cool see the water cooling in action, instead of hearing fans all over the place."
"This was the first time I had seen one of these, and each click made a distinct noise, unlike the common keyboard. Matt’s dad explained to us how this worked as well, and once again it intrigued me. He said the sound a key makes has to do with the spring rate and the design of the ‘plunger’ (the piece around the spring, under the key). And the mouse, also from the brand Razer, looked like an ordinary mouse from an aerial view, but if you looked at the sides, you could see 4 extra hidden buttons you could program to do whatever you wanted."
I liked these 2 parts from my second essay because I felt that I was very descriptive here, and that is something that I had had trouble with previously.  My writings in past years lacked the sense of description, and I feel as if I did a better job here.
2) The subject I would like to share with you is fishing.  I feel that people hear the term 'fishing' and they think its disgusting and a waste of time, but honestly, its a great way to pass time; its relaxing, exhilarating, fun, and its an awesome way to relieve stress.  Ive found that if youre having a bad day or just feeling down, grabbing a friend and going to a nearby body of water and setting up chairs to fish can really help you take youre mind off things and help you feel better.  Here's a link for reasons to fish:

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