Monday, December 8, 2014

Exploration of my own design: Jacob Keller

1) I feel that my best moment of writing this year was the second essay we wrote.  In it I told the story about how I came to learn more about car and vehicles and what makes them tick.  I felt this was one of my better writing due to an extensive use of well thought out vocabulary instead of more simple words and I tried using descriptive imagery.  An example of this is later in the paper I wrote of when a friend of mine helped me change my oil and I described the experience "I remember laying on that cold concrete scraping along as me and my friend slid under the car, my face was not even an inch or two from the bottom of the engine. I am not claustrophobic but I found this to be very unsettling knowing that if the jack failed or the stands were to tip over we would be crushed.  Ignoring the previous fact, I wrenched off the drain plug and watched in mystified horror as jet black liquid poured in a perfect stream into the drain pan".  I chose to share this because word choice is very powerful in writing.  There are some words that better capture the moment and the feelings of the situation or what is being said than just simple ones like scared or happy.  Using excellent diction can mean the difference between an okay piece of writing and a phenomenal one.

2)What I would like to share is computer building and managing.  In today's world it is vitally important to have a fast, reliable, stable, and secure device that is capable of accessing the internet and carry out tasks. With an increasingly more technological world we live in it is crucial to have up to date tech that can still keep pace with the more advanced websites and software programs out there and believe it or not computers and other electronic devices do become old and eventually are not able to perform because of this.  It is because of this I feel it is important to know how to understand how a computer becomes slow and what can be done to remedy the situation.  Now you do not have to build your own computer, pre-built computers are not bad at all, however there are a few befits of building your own computer that can be very rewarding.  Many are amazed that it's been done but coming from experience I will tell you that the building is very simple, I often tell people it's just an expensive lego set, and a lot of pieces are designed to fit one way only and there are lots of video and support sites to visit if you get stuck.

Here are some links to look at: - building - File management (probably more useful to windows users) - Why you should have a desktop in addition to a laptop/tablet/smartphone - Positive and Negatives to pre-built computers and self built

Normally I do not do this but I will try to go back into comments and answer any questions you have thanks for reading and it has been a great pleasure being a in class with you all and I wish the best of luck to you all in your endeavors.

also for those curious here is my own build (please excuse the mess and poor wire management!)


  1. I really liked your idea of computer building. I think it is something we should all look into. It's not just for gamers. If you build a desktop you can have a computer that will last for years and years. Not only will it last, but you could always upgrade it yourself, by just adding the new parts to it down the road.

  2. Your cable management looks like it is choking your airflow. The way your ssd is"mounted' makes me smile, It reminds me of my own rig. I have a fan mounted with zip ties so I could get a perfect air tunnel going for my cpu heat-sink, but that's about as ghetto as it gets. You seem to do a good job at keeping dust out. What are the specs of your pc btw?

    1. yeah that cable mess happened when i swapped mother boards and I was just lazy and the ssd im in the process of changing but its like that only because its my friends and i left it like that so i can switch it easy. As for specs its not the most powerful gaming rig out there but it's
      AMD Visera 6300 six core over clocked @ 4.01 Gz
      16 Gb of corsair vengence ram @ 1600
      currently a 60Gb ocz raptor rd 2 ssd but to be swapped with a 128Gb sandisk
      1Tb seagate 7200 rpm hdd
      EVGA GTX 760 graphics card
      ASUS mother board
      and 575 W thermal take power supply

  3. i Think your idea of building computers is pretty cool. Mine can be slow at time and be very irritating. I wish i knew how to build my own computer to suit my needs. I will have to look more into this and maybe try to build my own


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