Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Exploration 8 Skyler Siles

1. What I really found interesting and something I didn't know was that when they were talking about the amount of wheat and grains grown, that only 30 percent actually used for the production of food and ect for humans while the other 70 percent is for the production of feed for the animals in the industrialized type of farming. One of my favorite person from the documentary was Joel Salatin and his natural farming methods and my favorite quote came from him as well. It was " let the chicken show its chicken-ness" Really saying let nature do what its intended and designed to do and that is the best way to really improve not only the crops and animals well being but also you can make a lot more money if done right and we would still be able to produce enough to "Feed the world".

2. What I researched was how the general topic of GMO's. I looked into this because i really find it cool and interesting how we can manipulate genes to produce a product that may either be resilient to bugs or being preserved or grow bigger and ect. One thing though that i found is that there really hasn't been that many third party or extensive research to find if this could potential hurt humans and animals. I am not against GMO's, I think that by enchaining the genetic makeup of a organism is really cool and could be beneficial, I just think that like every other kind of drug and food that they need to be heavily researched to be sure that they don't cause potential harm and side affects and this includes in the long run as well.

3. The thing that I found interesting from our in class discussion was how so many people researched Will Allen and growing power. I also really liked the system Will Allen created in the poor area where they don't have access to food and let alone this kind of quality of food as well. What i though was the most important part of his system was how he was not only just showing them but he was teaching people and exposing them to how to eat and grow if they were so inclined to.

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