Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Exploration 8- Chris Ward

1). In my opinion, I liked the comparison and contrast of the documentary to prove the point for organic produce and meats. They interviewed industrial chicken farmers, Mr. and Mrs. Fox. They were unaware of the contents of the feed and litter they gave their chickens. They were in a binding contract with Tyson that limited their freedom of production. The quality of life of the cows and chickens in feed houses is not how nature originally intended for it to be. The contrast for this is how Joel Salatin said that humans should "respect the design of nature as stewards of the earth". We should treat animals and the land as it is supposed to be treated and the earth will balance itself out. The film did a good job of conveying its points and supporting them with credible sources. However, it had a feeling of an amateur film in the way camera work and editing came together.

2. I researched animal treatment in industrial farming. I was horrified by the tactics that industrial farmers use to maximize the productivity of their facilities. The quality of the animal's lives are at a low. They are fed questionable steroid infused feeds just to make them grow bigger. They never see sunlight and never move. Herbivores like cows are designed to move and migrate. The result is a happier healthier animal. Cows and pigs create so much waste that the feeding facilities actually export toxic waste into the rivers. The natural cure for this is allowing them to graze fields and use their waste to fertilize the earth and plants. The cycle needs to be completed. I was unaware of the severity of this problem until the film sparked my interest and I did further research.


3. I like how there were so many people interested in Will Allen because of all of the sources, he was the one that can actually inspire people to make a difference. He gave a legit fix for the food crisis in major cities that have so called, "food deserts". I like how Hunter mentioned that he quit his professional basketball career to pursue his passion of education and helping the poor through his food growing initiative.

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  1. I really like your last comment in pointing out that Will Allen decided to quit his professional career. I think it was a risk he took but that really ended up paying off. I agree with you!


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