Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Exploration 8 Evan Dias

1)The most important ideas discussed in this film is that we should switch from an industrial agricultural system to an organic agricultural system. Industrial systems has a bunch of issues. It is very unhealthy and can hurt us. It also consumes a lot of fossil fuels and is very bad for the environment. If we were to switch to Organic it would be a lot healthier for us because everything is natural and it would not use as many resources which would benefit our planet. one thing that stood out was when Will Allen said "Fresh organic food is the key to a healthy lifestyle".

2) There were a lot of important things being talked about in the film. the most important thing I saw was the industrial farming and how the farmers are pretty much forced into what they are doing. They are told by their employers what to do in every aspect of the farming which can get a little bit out of hand. Some stuff, the farmers know is bad for the animals but have to do it anyway in order to keep a job. For example, industries would tell the farmers to feed the animals dead animals in order to save money on feed. This is terrible for the animals because it transfers disease and can make the animals sick.  One thing that really struck me was when the farmer said "We don't know what is in our feed. They don't tell us". That shows us how the farmers have no say in anything that happens on their farms. They are forced into all this just to be able to get by and live. I looked into this because i never knew that the industrial farming was this bad. I found out that industrial farming uses a lot of fossil fuels and a huge amount of fertilizers and pesticides. This is very bad for our planet.

3)I liked how other people talked about what Will Allen said about organic farming in the city. Will is a very reliable source and gave us a lot of information when it comes to farming. I also liked how people looked more into organic versus industrial farming.

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  1. It's so crazy to think that even the industrial farm owners don't even know what companies, like Tyson, are doing to the chickens they are raising. They don't know what is in the feed they are giving to the chickens which is what is the scariest of all. It is almost a monopoly for large farm industries over little family owned farms.


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